PhD Blogger’s How-To: So You Want to Blog (Academic Edition)

PhD Blogger’s How-To: So You Want to Blog (Academic Edition).

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I Will Write More…I Will Write More…I Will Write More…

I need to write more. I know this. What I don’t know is how to make this happen. Writing everyday didn’t work for me the last time I tried it but maybe I’ll try that again. Setting a word count for the week worked very well but writing 3000 words a week, for six straight weeks, burned me out fast. Maybe there’s a middle ground here. No, there IS a middle ground here.

To writing more!


Black Irish Girl


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The Enlightenment’s ‘Race’ Problem, and Ours

An article worth reading:

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February 12, 2013 · 2:18 pm

Organizing a Conference (Plus Research Exchange News)

@lisfitzgerald is helping me plan my conference! After I posted Wednesday about a conference I’d like to organize and host at NUIG, I received approval from the current director of the Moore Institute ( to proceed in planning the conference as he looks for funding. Realizing I’m going to need an extra hand, and mind, to pull this all together, I asked @lisfitzgerald for assistance.

SO now @lisfitzgerald ( and I need to put together a Call For Papers and invite emails for those we’d like to invite as speakers. So far, we’re thinking about Trans atlantic routes broadly, and specifically, the routes between the West of Ireland and America. The director has asked us to provide updated information by Tuesday next week.

And regarding research exchange: I got great news from a University I started pursuing last March about hosting me for a year (2013-14). Yesterday that University gave me the green light (though I won’t get my formal acceptance letter until February). Once I get that letter I’ll tweet out the info but I’m SO excited to have the opportunity to expand on my own research by spending a year in America at a very prestigious college.

More soon

Black Irish Girl

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Black Irish Girl:

Thesis Talk, from one PhD to another. Check out what LCGaillimh has to say about getting funding

Originally posted on Thesis Talk / Trácht ar Thráchtais:

Money - Euro

Getting funding for a PhD can be a lot of work. The paperwork alone can be a minefield, ranging from simply tasks like spelling your name correctly to identifying exactly what it is you want to study and how exactly you are going to do it – something which is not always as easy as it sounds. There are two things I have discovered during this process;

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phdlook busy

Happy New Year!

After a long, and quite eventful, break I’m finally getting back into the swing of things. Last week was quite disastrous, so I’m not counting it as my first week back. But this week, my classes went much smother, my child handled being back in creche better, I’ve found a way to tidy the house a bit  each day, and, most importantly, I’ve got some PhD work done!


Not only am I going to use this site to keep a diary of how I’m progressing as a PhD student and how my project is developing, I’m also going to contribute to a University blog: All this blogging will translate into much larger accomplishments, right?


One aspect of completing a PhD is putting your self and your work out there for others to view/witness/comment on. I accomplish this task by attending conferences. This year, there are quite a few conferences that I’d like to attend. While I might not be able to attend all of them (attending conferences can be expensive and now that I have a child, I have the added expense of finding a childminder or bringing the husband along who would have to take time off of work), I’ve submitted or want to submit abstracts to the following conferences so I have an option of attending if schedule and finances permit.

The American Conference for Irish Studies (Chicago, April 10-13):

I submitted an abstract looking at Brian Friel and August Wilson. I need to get started on this paper.

Towards 2016: Old and New Irelands (NUI, Galway, 5-8 JUNE 2013):

Sean O’Casey’s The Plough and the Stars has been mentioned to me as a play I need to examine multiple times this last week. I think I’ll look at it for this conference. Not sure which Harlem Renaissance writer I’ll put it in concert with.

Modernism, Memory And Media: Ireland 1913-1916 (NUI, Maynooth, 21-23 June 2013):

Again, Sean O’Casey’s The Plough and the Stars might be relevant to look at here or possibly another O’Casey play. Depends on which Harlem Renaissance play I look at.

Trans Atlantic Studies Association Annual Conference (Northumbria University, July 8-11):

For this conference I’d like to do something on Synge’s and Hurston’s prose.

FIRT/IFTR: International Federation for Theatre Research (Barcelona, July 22nd to July 26th 2013):

My colleague, Lisa Fitzgerald (, and I are hoping to be on a panel that focuses on different aspects of roots in Irish literature. The conference theme is roots and routes. I originally thought about using Brian Friel and August Wilson, but I’m trying to not get distracted by other amazing writers and to focus on the dynamic writers I hope to focus my thesis on. So, I’m thinking about looking a plays by Hurston and Synge. Will read said plays this week and see what I can do. If not, I’ll write about North/South dynamics in Friel and Wilson.

Forming Identities Across the Atlantic (No date set):

This is actually a conference I’m hoping to organize. My idea is for the conference to focus on the various routes taken by modernist writers (esp. Irish and African American) around the fin de siècle and how those trans Atlantic routes inspired various identities.


I need to up the work I’m doing on my lit review. I have eight key texts I need to review plus another four or five texts I’d like to include. I’ve read most of these texts. I need to write up my summaries on these key texts by March 28th.


Well, there you have it. Phd and life are working together and we’re moving along. Good things are happening. Work is being accomplished.


Black Irish Girl

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Changes Afoot

OK. I’m ready to take the plunge. Blog writing regularly. PhD writing regularly. I feel nervous. I feel like I’m actually starting my PhD instead of just sitting on the sidelines, afraid to get into the game. It’s not that I’m going to stop reading, obviously, but instead I’ll be reading more purposefully. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. Not really sure how all this is going to work out but, as a friend recently pointed out, I’m halfway through my second year of PhD research. It’s time to get serious.

I’m really nervous for some reason.

I’m excited about writing, excited about my PhD, excited about the future.

Looking good. Feeling good (but really friggin’ nervous! and must stop quoting lines from movies *10 points if you know what movie I was thinking of/quoting there*).

Black Irish Girl

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