MLK in Belfast

I came across this article, Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘Dream’ after 50 years, and it reminded me of images I saw in Belfast. Particularly the murals that portrayed MLK. Below, are three photos I took in Belfast, March 2012.

MLK_1091 MLK_1090 MLK_1089

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writerly, readerly and strategic – practices for getting published

Black Irish Girl:

Very good advise from a blogger I regularly read.

Originally posted on patter:

Last week I had to give a very short talk about my top tips for early career publishing. In very abbreviated form, here are the first three things I said about some important scholarly practices that underpin successful writing and publishing.

  • Be writerly. By this I mean to say that you need to think of yourself as a writer. Writing is not an add-on to the “real” academic work of research and teaching. It is the work. Writing is an integral to research and to teaching. Seeing yourself as a writer means:
  1. making time for writing as part of your usual, average work week – that is, seeing writing as an ordinary everyday activity, not something to be squeezed in around the edges of everything else.
  2. setting yourself up for writing. Do it and do it often. Practice. Find the right time. There will be a space and…

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Top ten questions for the PhD oral exam — Advice for authoring a PhD or academic book — Medium

Good info for down the road:

Top ten questions for the PhD oral exam — Advice for authoring a PhD or academic book — Medium.

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I’m not taking career advice from old white dudes anymore.

Black Irish Girl:

Interesting post from Tenure, She Wrote

Originally posted on Tenure, She Wrote:

Recently, a senior emeritus professor called me out because he hadn’t seen me at a talk in a different department (let’s say it’s Astronomy). “I’ve never seen you at a single Astronomy talk,” he admonished. “You really need to go to those.” I patiently explained that I typically have a teaching conflict, which he brushed off, and repeated his imperative that I really needed “to go to those talks.” He was angry at my laziness in failing to attend these critical seminars in a tangentially related field, and didn’t respect my explanations that 1) I couldn’t, and 2) even if I could, I have to make hard choices and don’t always have the luxury of doing everything I’d like to.

Now, I’m an interdisciplinary scientist– in fact, my position is split between a departmental home and an interdisciplinary institute, which means I go to twice as many faculty meetings and probably four times as many…

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Cakewalk in London

I am back to doing research on the Cakewalk and found this website. I was  looking for more details on the In Dahomey  tour to the UK and stumbled onto this gem. I think the V&A museum is having an exhibit. Kind of bummed I missed it. Was there this summer! A trip to London might be on the schedule! More research/details to follow. Very Excited.

History of Black Dance


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Top ten questions for the PhD oral exam

Saw this article on #phdchat. Think it might be useful down the road. 11 months to go!!

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Listen: Robin Williams talks to Whoopi Goldberg about his legacy

Originally posted on PopWatch:

[ew_image url=”” credit=”Robin Marchant/Getty Images” align=”none”]

Last September, Robin Williams sat down with Whoopi Goldberg for a Sirius Town Hall. The primary reason for the talk was to discuss Williams’ return to television for The Crazy Ones, but the conversation quickly turned to everything from the late comedian’s thoughts on his recent roles to his and Goldberg’s favorite comedians–from Richard Pryor to Billy Crystal.

Below, enjoy some of the most memorable moments from their talk.

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